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We employ the newest and best tattooing techniques.  Staffed exclusively by female artists, Ink Ink proves that tattooing isn't just a man's game. 




In a bright and family-friendly piercing environment, our female piercer works with precision, expertise, and skill.




Leading the Tattoo world with innovative and locally made healing products--erasing all the Don'ts of the tattoo healing process!




Body Jewelry

Offering a variety of jewelry options, Ink Ink adds more choices to your piercing experience as well as hard-to-find quality options from elite jewelry distributor, Anatometal.


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What's all the fuss about Ink Ink?

Ink Ink offers a friendly, comfortable, and clean tattoo and piercing environment.  We have open stations with a great view of Historic C-Street as well as a private tattoo room.  Our tattoos are performed using the newest technology and best techniques.




Tattoos & Body Piercing

We are an all-female staff offering custom art & cover ups.

$40 Shop Minimum


16 & 17 year olds, with parental consent


Appointments or walk-ins welcome


 Affordable session pricing


White ink tattoos


Ink Ink

Ink Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio gives a new spin on the tattoo world. An all-female tattoo shop, Ink Ink proves that inking isn't only a man's game.  Located in the Commercial Street Historic District of Springfield, Missouri, we are so proud to be a part of the C-Street community!


We are normal, everyday people-- just like you--who love tattoos and piercings



Ink Ink has been part of the C-Street community since January 2013.  We offer superior care products and the latest techniques in both tattooing and piercing.  

C-Street has become Springfield's new, trendy hangout spot. The Commercial Street Historic District has been revamped and remodeled into a new, safe, and vibrant community.  


We accept Cash or Credit

(No American Express)


Ink Ink is a fun, open, and welcoming studio with a vintage feel.  With a personable and sterile tattoo and piercing experience, why wouldn't you get some Ink Ink?


Give us a call at 417-719-4452


Monday 12 noon - 5:30 pm

Tuesday-Friday 12 noon - 8 pm

Saturday 12 noon - 10 pm


We believe that our customers come first.  We are a team committed to helping you make this life-long decision.  You have to make decisions every day--let us help you with this one!



Ink Ink has one of Springfield's only female piercer who is a "World's Only Tattoo School" graduate.  Our piercing studio is bright, clean, and family friendly.

All piercings are performed with precision stainless steel equipment using the newest techniques.  Our knowledgable piecer can help you with any piercing question. 


Female Piercer


All piercings include jewelry


care instructions


Piercings starting at $30


Ear Piercings for 3mnth+


Private Piercing Room


No Appointment Needed


Cartilage at 12 yrs

with Parental Consent


Most Piercings at 14 yrs

with Parental Consent


Dermals at 17yrs with 
Parental Consent

Genitals, Nipples, and Surface Piercings 18+ 



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