Right to Refuse Service

The Ink Ink Tattoo & Piercing shop, and each artist under contract, reserves the right to refuse service. While we seek to honor the wishes of our clients we also allow tattoo and piercing artists to refuse service if they are uncomfortable with a tattoo subject or tattoo/piercing placement. The shop or artist may decline service if they perceive the art requested portrays a message of hate, violence or poor taste. If the Ink Ink shop or one of its artists suspects a patron may be under the influence of drugs, otherwise unable to practice good judgment or displays what is perceived as a threatening demeanor, service may not be rendered. We desire to protect the health, safety and best interest of both our clients and employees and will decline service if we believe harm could result with delivery of service to either party. Our goal is to guide you in making a wise decision regarding permanent body modifications and provide a positive, safe and satisfying experience for both parties.