For February, we interviewed some of our most frequent couples about why they love getting ink together at Ink Ink Tattoos & Piercings.

Brandy & Chad
Chad and I have been together for 21 years and married for 20. We have known one another since junior high. We pretty much do everything together. We even go to the same shop to do a little creative expression. Kelsey has always shown us nothing but love and respect. That’s important to us…respect.

We can walk into her shop, give her an idea, let her run with it and know we’ll always have a great piece. I usually have her do an anniversary piece on me each year. This started a few years back. She knows us and what we like. Kelsey will not hesitate to call us out on a bad idea. That’s what a great artist does for you. Tattoos are not just art to me. They have become a way of expressing my love and admiration for my family.

Brittany and Kevin
We love getting tattooed at Ink Ink. Because we are married with kids, we sometimes have a hard time finding a sitter. Ink Ink is a family environment. We feel comfortable bringing our kids when we book appointments and ask questions. Ink Ink is great about rotating my husband and me, so one of us can sit with the kids. We got our first tattoos here together and love continuing the relationship with Ink Ink. It is great having Kelsey there to help both of us our with our tattoo experience and designs.