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When you talk about climbing the corporate ladder in the tattoo world, Kristen fits that description perfectly. This stay at home mom caught wind of Kelsey needing a little extra janitorial help at the shop and seized the opportunity.

After kicking ass at that task, she was offered a full time position as a receptionist. From there, Kristen ventured into her apprenticeship striving to become a tattoo artist. Now tattooing full time at Ink Ink, she is our favorite underdog. Kristen is our handyman, our smiling face and the butt of every joke. Her art is beautiful, her patience astounding and her skin thick. We are so proud of how far she has come and so excited to see how far she will go. Kristen is our little socialite who knows everyone and their neighbor!

“I love being at Ink Ink because everyday I get to hang out with my best friends… And then I get to meet new best friends with each customer that comes through the door.”


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