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Hayley worked as a receptionist for Ink Ink Springfield for one year before jumping into the trade of body piercing. Without hesitation, Hayley took the opportunity to change her nursing school training to a career at Ink Ink’s new Branson location. She trained under Brittany Siler.

Hayley is a natural at body piercing. A mother of three, she can multitask and problem solve with the best of them.

Patient as a monk, she loves helping anyone through their piercing experience. No question is stupid, just ask. Hayley is always excited to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Her favorite piercing to do is a septum–cute, daring and still easy to hide for work.

“Ink Ink is like a family. We look out for each other. What other job can you spend 5-6 days a week with your co-workers and feel like you’re kicking it with your friends?”


Hayley’s Piercing Portfolio:

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